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Advice on consent

How do I make sure I’ve got consent? How do I know if someone isn’t giving consent?

Someone may confidently tell you upfront, or they may only show subtle body language that they’re uncomfortable with the situation. Make sure you talk to your partner and that you’re aware of the signs to spot around consent.

What can I do if my boyfriend or girlfriend wants me to do things that I’m not comfortable with?

If you don’t want to do something sexual or have sex, it’s absolutely OK to say or show that you don’t want to, and the other person should stop.

Talk to your friends or someone you trust if you feel you are being forced to take part in sexual activity you don’t want to. You can find details of organisations that can offer support here. 

What should you do if you’re worried about a friend?

Sometimes your friends might not really understand consent or feel confident to seek it. If you hear them say things like “I didn’t really want to, but…” it may mean they are being pressured by someone. It might help to ask if they want to talk about it.

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