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Consequences of not giving or getting Consent

Pressuring someone to give consent

Pressuring someone into sex is either ‘rape’ or ‘sexual assault’, depending on who is involved and what happens. The consequences of both rape and sexual assault can be very serious for everyone involved.

Legal consequences can include a prison sentence or criminal record, and being put on the sex offender register.

Being pressured to give consent

Physical and emotional consequences can last a lifetime.

Read more about rape and sexual abuse here and the consequences of it.

Breaking the law

Consent is defined in law as “an agreement made by someone with the freedom and ability to decide something”. Under the law, it is the person seeking consent who is responsible for ensuring that these conditions are met.

Sex without consent is rape or sexual abuse. Also, if you are a man forcing someone to perform oral sex on you, this is still rape. What’s more, forcing someone into anal sex when they don’t want to, even if that person has consented to vaginal sex, is still rape.

In the UK, people must be over 16 to legally consent to sex and they must be able to make informed decisions for themselves. Read more about the definition of rape and sexual assault here.

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