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What’s your relationship IQ?

Relationships are tricky. There’s a lot going on and it’s hard to find your way through them and understand what is and isn’t right. Test your knowledge on what makes a healthy relationship and what is actually relationship abuse.

Once you’ve done the quiz, remember that if you have any question, there are people and organisations that can help you.

Is it OK for you to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend what they can and can’t wear?

Controlling what your boyfriend or girlfriend wears can be a sign of an unhealthy or abusive relationship. People should be free to be themselves when they’re in a relationship, and this means they should be able to choose what they wear too. It’s their choice and that should be respected.

Is it OK to try and control what your boyfriend or girlfriend does because you’re scared of losing them?

It’s never OK if you try to stop your boyfriend or girlfriend from doing something because you’re scared of losing them. If one person wants to leave the relationship, then that is their choice – and it should always be respected.

If you know your friend was always checking their boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone, emails or social media, would you think it’s relationship abuse?

When someone is continually questioning who their boyfriend or girlfriend is spending time with or is checking their phone or emails, this might not seem that serious but they can both be examples of relationship abuse. Healthy relationships are built on trust.

If you’ve had sex with someone before, do you need to get consent to have sex with them again?

If you have had sex with somebody before, you can’t assume it’s going to be ok to have sex with them again, even if you’re in a relationship. You both have to give consent to each other every time.

If one of your friends showed you naked pictures of their girlfriend or boyfriend on their phone, is that OK?

It’s never OK for somebody to share or show private pics of anyone else without that person’s agreement. Also, if their boyfriend or girlfriend is under the age of 18, it’s breaking the law to have the picture on your phone or share it.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend sent you a nude pic on your phone because they wanted to and you’re both under 18, is it OK because you’re in a relationship?

If you are under 18 years old, you’re a child in the eyes of the law. So having any indecent images or videos of somebody who is under 18 means you’d technically be in possession of an indecent image of a child – even if you’re the same age. This could get you into serious trouble.

Is the type of sex you see in porn, the type of sex you can expect in real life?

Most porn isn’t realistic of what happens in happy and healthy relationships. The way people look and the things they do are often exaggerated, so watching this can make you think what they’re doing is normal and everyone would like it.


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