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Consequences of rape and sexual assault

Consequences for the victim

Being raped or sexually assaulted can have a deeply negative and long-lasting impact on people’s emotional, physical and mental health.

Someone who has been raped or sexually assaulted might feel:

They may also develop low self esteem, or a sense of low self worth.

Potential health consequences can include:


Consequences for somebody who has pressured someone else into sex

Getting into trouble with the Police. If somebody has sex, or does anything sexual with someone without gaining consent, they are committing a crime. Both rape and sexual assault have the possibility of a prison sentence, with the maximum punishment for rape being life in prison.

Having sex without consent or sexually assaulting another person could lead to their details being put on the Sex Offenders’ register.

Criminal convictions could seriously limit what someone wants to do in the future, such as doing certain jobs, and travelling abroad to certain countries.

Getting a bad reputation. How would you react if you knew somebody was a rapist, or an abuser? Would you want to spend time with them? The social consequences of being labelled an abuser or rapist should not be underestimated and can be severe.

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