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How to spot relationship abuse

Some people think that relationship abuse is just about violence, or physically forcing somebody to do something they don’t want to – but that isn’t true. Abuse can be emotional and verbal, and could escalate to physical or sexual abuse. All types are serious and they’re never OK.

What is emotional abuse?

Some people use emotional abuse to control people. These signs can be more difficult to spot, but could include:

If someone is lesbian, gay, bi or transgender and not ‘out’, their partner might threaten to ‘out’ them if they don’t do what they want.

What is physical abuse?

Some people use violence to force someone to do something or threaten to use it to control them. It could include:

What is sexual abuse?

Forcing someone to do any sexual acts they don’t want to is rape or sexual assault.  This kind of abuse can happen in relationships.

If you recognise any of the signs of abuse in your own relationship, you can get help here.

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