What is Relationship Abuse?

Abuse in relationships can happen to anyone. It’s not normal, it’s never OK and definitely not part of a healthy relationship.  It isn’t always physical, it can be emotional and sexual abuse too. If your relationship leaves you feeling scared, intimidated or controlled, it’s possible you’re in an abusive relationship.

If you’re experiencing abuse, or have done in the past, please remember that you’re not to blame and there are people who can help you here.

Is there ever an excuse for relationship abuse?

No there’s never an excuse for relationship abuse. Anger, jealousy, alcohol or wanting to protect the other person – none of these are excuses.

What is relationship abuse?

When we’re talking about relationship abuse, we mean unacceptable behaviour between two people. You don’t have to be an ‘official’ couple to experience abuse and it doesn’t matter what your relationship looks like; gay, straight or bi, or whether you’re a girl, boy or have another gender identity.

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Need Help?

Get advice and support if you’re worried about any kind of relationship abuse. Visit us to find details of organisations who can help.

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What does a good relationship look like?

Unless you understand what a good relationship looks like, you might not realise you’re in a bad one. Good relationships are about respect. You should feel loved, safe and free to be yourself. To get more advice, click Read More

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Real Stories

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